I am sharing a letter from Pet Owner Yen who believes in herbal and acupuncture treatment for her beloved pet Minnie,suffering from tumors on her left brain, in her right adrenal gland and in her gallbladder; it takes two hands to clap… I always share with Pet Owners that we have to work together to help the recovery of the pet; Yen’s confidence in TCM treatment and her love for Minnie has helped the speedy recovery of Minnie…


Dear Dr Oh,

I am writing in great appreciation of the treatments you have rendered on Minnie. Minnie has had a speedy recovery since she started to visit you for her acupuncture sessions and take the herbal concoctions.  I can never thank you enough for relieving Minnie of the pain she was suffering before she met you, thank you very much! 

I hope my testimonial will encourage more pet owners to embrace the idea of bringing their ailing pets to receive TCM treatments which will truly help their pets heal and regain quality of life.

Minnie is my pet pomeranian and she will be 14 years old in September 2016.  For the past 1-2 years, she would often pant really loudly and get tired easily but I thought they were just symptoms of old age.  Found out that my baby was actually sick only when she had her first seizure on 19th April 2016.  She was rushed to Mt Pleasant Emergency Clinic and a series of tests were done on her but they could not pinpoint the cause of her condition, suspected it could be due to growth of tumor.  She underwent a CT scan and tumors were indeed detected.  She has tumors on her left brain, in her right adrenal gland and in her gallbladder.  She could not be operated on as the prognosis is bad when she has so many tumors.

Was advised to start her on Palladia, a cancer-fighting drug.  I was not sure if I wanted to put her on that as  I had read  negative reviews of dogs on that medication. While I was deciding, she was on prozacin to control her blood pressure which could have triggered seizures as well as Keppra, an anti-seizure drug.  Then on 29th June 2016, she had a stroke when I was away from Singapore.

Came back late at night 30th June 2016 to find her immobile and suffering from persistent spasms. She was not able to stand or walk, just sat at the same spot all the time, passed motion sitting down and groaning in agony.   Brought her to her vet the next day and she was put on steroids to see if it would help.

That was when I googled online for TCM for pets and came across reviews on the miracles Dr Oh had performed on other pets.

Rushed Minnie over for her first consultation with Dr Oh on the same day.  Dr Oh did not give any promise but assured me that Minnie would be able to walk again soon. Dr Oh asked for her medical records with Mt Pleasant while he performed the first acupuncture session on Minnie.  We went home with 2 bottles of herbal powder, to be given twice a day.  Minnie appeared a little more settled after the acupuncture but was still immobile.  Eager to see faster results, I brought Minnie back for a 2nd session the next day.  She appeared more alert after the 2nd session but was still not able to stand or walk.

I was starting to give up hope… then 2 days after the 2nd session, she stood up on her own and walked!  I was overjoyed and immensely encouraged by the result!

Brought her back for her 3rd session on the next day, her condition improved further.

Now 3 weeks after seeing Dr Oh and putting her on oral TCM concocted by Dr Oh, Minnie appears in better health than she ever was in years!

TCM must have successfully controlled the growth of her tumors as she appears not to be suffering from any pain or distress.  Praying hard that she will remain like that till the day she has to go.

In the meantime, she will continue the herbal medicine and her acupuncture treatment with Dr Oh.  It will not be fair to ask if

Minnie’s cancer can be completely healed as cancer is a terminal illness.  I am just thankful that she is not suffering from pain or stress.

Best regard,
21 July 2016

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TCM and acupuncture treatment give our Oshio (male golden retriever suffered from Degenerative Myleopathy) a 2nd lifeline …

dog pic

Oshio standing tall after tcm and acupuncture treatment with Dr Oh

Oshio has been with us since 1st Jan 2006. He is an active dog and exercises quite regularly. All of us had our great moments with him. He is an avid swimmer and still is, despite of his condition…

Around early Jan to Feb 2017, we noticed our Oshio’s ( Male Golden) hind legs were wobbly but did not take much heed as we had always heard of hip or joint issues when a dog gets old. I thought I had also pushed him too hard to climb the flight of stairs.
We took him to Clinic A for a consultation and was recommended by the Vet to try the Cartrophen injection for his joint. We went ahead and there were 4 weekly jabs, the Ist jab happened in 3rd Feb and last on the 26th Feb.
There was no improvement at all. We decided to consult another Clinic B who had also suggested to try on the Acupuncture therapy. The 1st session started around late March and the 4th was around mid- April. The needles were mostly concentrated around the hind legs areas with no electrical pulse connected.

On the 16th April, his condition started to deteriorate quite badly and wasn’t able to move. His bladder was bloating up and we decided to send him to an Emergency animal hospital in the night. There were many treatments/assists being carried out to alleviate his pain and discomfort, especially with the excretion and urination. He was discharged on the 17th and we had to face the reality that he was going to be bedridden. This was a painful process to witness what he will be going through. Vet mentioned that it was a likely case of spinal degeneration. They showed us by using a plier to “pinch” his hind paw and he would not even notice or feel it. The vet recommended spinal surgery but no guarantee of a cure or recovery. She had also hinted at putting him to sleep, for fear his quality of life will suffer significantly. At such an old age, we do not think it is wise to put him through the tribulation without any degree of certainty but pain and sufferings.

We went back to the same clinic for further treatment. He was still on his catheter and due to possible infection, this catheter had to be removed. We were taught how to massage and express his bladder to let him urinate and how to excrete.

I had searched the website and came across the term Degenerative Myleopathy. I also saw some video that can best relate to this debilitating disease and was told to date, there is no cure but a certain stairway to heaven.

Somehow, fate had it when one of my wife’s friend recommended Animal Ark experiences and treatment. The children promised this will be the last recourse before we let him go.

We started the acupuncture treatment on a twice weekly basis from the 20th April and were recommended Chinese herbs to be taken with his meals. Dr Oh had also introduced some food for his meals which comprises of various types of beans, ginger, Chinese yam etc. We do supplement it occasionally with some cooked meat.

During the initial phase of treatment at Dr Oh’s acupuncture clinic, we noticed whenever needles were being inserted, Oshio does not feel very much. The electrical pulse was on the higher range. But subsequent treatment did show some sensitivity to the point he loathes going to the clinic. I had also tickled his hind paws to test on his reflection and it did respond.

Dr Oh’s treatment has offered Oshio a 2nd lifeline.

from pet owner Jeffrey, September 2017


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when antibiotics did not seem to work … TCM and acupuncture treatment gave our bunny a chance to fight for his own life and to recover from the respiratory tract infection

3 months ago, we discovered that our 9 month old male bunny was giving out a wheezing sound with every breath. We sent him to a vet. The vet took an xray and did a blood test. It was concluded that there was an upper and lower respiratory tract infection. The cause of the infection is unknown and we were given antibiotics to administer to him.

Over the next 3 weeks, his condition gradually worsened. He was losing weight, he was using his abdomen muscles to assist in breathing and his wheezing got louder was sneezing as well. He even had to breathe with his head facing upwards.

During those 3 weeks. We have consulting the vet again and our bunny was given antibiotics of increasing dosage . We even sought the opinion of a 2nd vet who gave more antibiotics.

He hasn’t been responding positively to the various medications administered to him. The vet told us that from her experience, our bunny’s chance of survival is <50%.

In our desperate state, we started exploring if there is avenue of TCM for our bunny.  We found Dr Oh. Even though forums stated that his fees are more expensive than a typical vet, his TCM treatment were effective in cases where western med do not work well.

rabbit 4

during acupuncture session

rabbit 3

during acupuncture session

From then on, he has been gradually recovering. His level of activity has increased.  He is drinking more water and eating more hay. We have also been reducing his dosage of the previous prescribed western medicine. We hope he would be completely cured within a month.

We would like to thank Dr Oh for his TCM expertise which gave our bunny a chance to fight for his own life and to recover.

rabbit 2

getting better after TCM treatment

rabbit 1

looking good …

Thus we decided to bring our bunny for regular acupuncture and feeding him the prescribed herbal medicine. It took our bunny another 2 weeks for his condition to finally stabilise.

from pet owner X X Heng, September 2017

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Our dearest Bichon freze Hitch ( age 12 now) had difficulty in passing faeces and was diagnosed with prostate carcinoma… Dr Oh’s Acupuncture and TCM herbal treatment help Hitch to relax and the lump has shrunk… its incredible!

Thank you Dr Oh, Hitch’s Saviour!

Our dearest Bichon freze Hitch ( age 12 now) had difficulty in passing faeces,  ultrasound scan showed a big mass around 7 cm and cyst around 5-6cm, close to prostate, the cyst was operated in January n the mass was sent for diagnosis,  unfortunately the result came back as prostate carcinoma…

It was a difficult operation as the mass was so close to the prostate.  Dr Lin of animal Ark was worried that Hitch might become incontinent after the operation. Picture of Hitch with catheter after the ops.


Things still didn’t brighten up after the ops,  the mass was so big it still compressed on the lower rectum causing Hitch unable to defecate.

He was very lethargic,  no appetite We put him on low residue dog food,  lactulose,  aneme, all didn’t help much …

I noticed Dr Oh tcm leaflet at Dr Lin’s clinic and decided to try alternative treatment.

Straight away I called Dr Oh’s clinic and was told to bring Hitch down to try.  Hitch was given acupuncture and concoction to take at home 2 times a day.  First few days only very tiny amount of faeces came out but after almost 2 weeks, in the middle of one night, suddenly this long black poo hanging out!


To our delight, we felt like we have won the lottery!  Even better than winning lottery!

From that night onwards, Hitch has been able to pass feces smoothly and as normal.  Hitch is also back to his oldself,  playing with his toys after meal which he has not done for ages.

We are so glad that we made that decision to visit Dr Oh’s clinic.  His acupuncture on Hitch made him so relax and his herbal concoction is incredible. The lump shrank incredibly as well.

I hope those pet’s owner out there will not give up on their sick pets,  at least give tcm a try. We truly believe in Dr Oh.  Thank you so much Dr Oh for helping Hitch to be his oldself again!  You are wonderful!

From Hitch’s parent Nancy

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“the vet told me its almost certain its an aggressive cancer and gave Bailey 4 – 6 weeks to live … I felt so guilty and sad that I didn’t catch it sooner, and could not believe that there is nothing I can do to help her … After 2 sessions of TCM treatment, her diarrhoea finally stopped and her appetite started to pick up. After 1 week, she was looking more like herself and regained strength…”

I brought Bailey for a routine check with her usual vet on Dec 28th, 2016 and they felt a lump in her abdomen.  She was immediately sent for a blood test, ultrasound and a CT scan which revealed a large aggressive tumour that had grown into the surrounding organs and had very poor prognosis without a chance for surgical removal.  This came as a big shock as there had been no drastic change in her behaviour or big symptoms before the diagnosis.

Based on her CT scan, the vet told me its almost certain its an aggressive cancer and gave her 4 – 6 weeks to live.  I asked the vet what were my options and was told we can manage her pain in her later days with morphine or other drugs.  Eventually, the tumour is supposed to grow so big it crowds her other organs and might rupture and she will bleed to death internally.  What a horrible thing to hear about your beloved pet!  I felt so guilty and sad that I didn’t catch it sooner, and could not believe that there is nothing I can do to help her.

Shortly after her diagnosis, she took a sudden turn for the worse on Jan 8th.  It seemed almost overnight, when i woke up one morning, she didn’t rush to greet me and was lethargic, she refused to eat, then developed severe diarrhoea and vomiting.  Her weight dropped from 3.8 to 3.3 kg and she was nothing but skin and bones. She also wouldn’t move very much and was curled up a lot, she looked like she was in pain, and I’m told that the tumour can press on other organs and cause vomiting and discomfort.  The vet gave her pain medication and meds but her diarrhoea continued.  She also had no appetite, and this is a dog that never says no to food!  I was pretty heartbroken watching her waste away and get weaker and weaker.


Bailey curled up a lot and looked like she was in pain …

Luckily, I was recommended some alternative options and a friend referred us to Dr Oh.  On Jan 10th she went for her first session of TCM and was given 3 big bottles of medication and told to come back every 3 days.  After 2 sessions, her diarrhoea finally stopped and her appetite started to pick up.  After 1 week, she was looking more like herself and regained strength.


Bailey underwent acupuncture treatment at Dr Oh’s clinic

Today it is almost a month since she was first diagnosed, and Bailey has done an amazing turnaround.  She has gained weight and is now 4.1kg.  She has not looked this good for a LONG TIME and is bouncing around like a puppy again.  She is playful, active, and super greedy.  When I look at her, I find it hard to believe she is a dog with a terminal illness.  In addition to weekly TCM, she also does ozone and intravenous vitamin therapy.  She also takes Dr Oh’s Chinese meds twice a day with apocaps and probiotics.  I think this combination has worked miracles on her.  Honestly, I never really believed in alternative therapies before this, but now I am convinced it makes a big difference.  And I am so glad that I gave it a chance and did not just stick to what the conventional vet had recommended.  She will continue her therapy as long as it improves the quality of her life.


Bailey has regained her strength after the TCM Treatment. She look happy and bright…

I know that her cancer cannot be cured, but my goal is to make her remaining days as pain free and happy as possible.  So far her response has been promising, and I hope that I’ve extended her healthy days so I have a lot more time to spend with her and spoil her silly.

from Sheen and Bailey


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I wrapped up year 2016 with the education talk on “TCM for Pets” at the event organised by RHQ Rabbitheadquarters on 11 December

This gallery contains 12 photos.

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Thank you for the kind notes and greetings from my clients! Another fulfilling year making the life better and easier for more animals… I will continue to do my best with TCM to improve the well being of more animals in 2017!


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Acupuncture and TCM herbal treatments help Tigger stand upright and walk independently again …after 2 months of continuous treatments

I am really very grateful to Dr Oh who uses TCM on Tigger which enables him to walk again….

Tigger is a 14 years old Labrador Retriever and an ex-police dog. I discovered Tigger has spinal problem and joint disease in October 2015. He was having difficulty in walking and especially in getting up. Brought him to my usual vet and was told to give him chiropractic treatments. After 4 months, his condition improved and he stopped receiving chiropractic treatment. A month later (April 2016), his condition got worse and I brought him to the vet again. He was given 1 month hormone growth jab but no improvement at all.

I then decided to try my last hope which is Dr Oh. During the 1st visit on 3rd July 2016, Dr Oh assured me that Tigger would be able to walk again. He has given a special home recipe diet for Tigger and also made 3 bottles of herbal medicine for him. After the 3rd session, I indeed saw improvement but subsequently it wasn’t getting any better. Dr Oh continued assure me that he would definitely walk again. But I was starting to get doubtful. Although Tigger still unable to walk but I could see that he was less lethargic and feeling more relax. Probably the treatments relieved his pain on the spine.

On the 7th session onwards, Dr Oh used moxibustion (a herbal smoky medicine). After the 11th session which was on 16th August 2016, Tigger stood up (with some help by lifting his hips up) and walked a few steps! I was amazed!!! It’s like a miracle. After the 14th session which was on 9th September 2016, Tigger suddenly stood up by himself and walk more steps. I couldn’t believe it and thought my eyes were playing tricks on my. Lolz…

I continue bringing Tigger to see Dr Oh once a week for the acupuncture and he is still eating the herbal medicine. Tigger is able to go down for his usual walk. I can see that he is happier, smiling and brighter eversince he is able to stand and walk again. He is more confident and also his skin condition gets better. TCM improves his overall health.

I am so thankful to Dr Oh. He is patience and constantly assures me that Tigger is showing improvement and good progress and he definitely can walk again. I would like to say a big thank you to you, Dr Oh.

Tigger’s Mummy
25th September 2016

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